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King of the North Grapes

Species  Information This hardy grape variety is vigorous and productive. It is hardy to about -37F. The plants are resistant to common grape diseases and insects. The King of the… Read more »

Somerset Seedless Grapes

Species Information This unique grape species is a heavy bearer of fruit. It is also very cold tolerant. This hybrid was bred in Wisconsin by Elmer Swenson, a pioneer of… Read more »

Honeycrisp Apple

Species Information Appls are the most popular fruit tree in North Dakota. The Honeycrisp apple is the most popular apple in the Midwest. This vareity was developed in Minnesota and… Read more »

Goldcot Apricot

Species  Information Apricots originated in China and have a hard pit, or “stone” in the center. They are considered a “stone fruit.” The Goldcot Apricot variety can withstand cold winters…. Read more »

North Star Pie Cherry

Species Information There are more than 270 varities of sour cherry in the world. They are native to the Caucasus Mountains between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. This cherry… Read more »