Newsletter Contributor: The Power of Northern Cass

Dr. Cory Steiner, Superintendent of Northern Cass School

At Northern Cass, we don’t have a community because of our location, but we are filled with community because of our location. Every school district is a reflection of their community. It is what makes Northern Cass such a special place

We are a reflection of all our communities. When you speak with people who know the history of the district, they often share about how there was an east and west divide when the district consolidated. However, they will be the first ones to say this no longer exists. When Northern Cass opened in 1999, the lack of a community was seen as a potential negative. However, over time, something changed. A Jaguar ‘family’ began to develop. Like any family, it takes time to grow and develop. Northern Cass has now evolved
into a shared community. It has become the very best of Argusville, Arthur, Erie, Gardner, Grandin, and Hunter. However, it has also brought into its ‘family’ areas outside of the district. This has increased our diversity. These additions to the community have provided us with a different perspective,
unique opportunities, and long-lasting relationships. The community in our district is now a major strength. People are proud of Northern Cass. People
commit to Northern Cass. People believe in Northern Cass. People love Northern Cass. Northern Cass is our communities and our communities are Northern Cass. A sense of community is a special thing. Community is and will always be the one binding force in our district. It is what gives us hope during difficult times and provides us with optimism for a better future.

Community is and will always be the power of Northern Cass.

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