City of Arthur Tax Equalization Meeting – Tuesday, April 14

To meet North Dakota and Federal regulations in regards to social distancing and not to exceed 10 people in one location the City of Arthur tax equalization meeting will be Tuesday April 14, 2020 at 7 PM and it will be an ONLINE meeting.

Please go to this website:

This is the Cass County Assessor’s website and locate ARTHUR in the listing and click on: ONLINE and it will take you to a Microsoft Teams website and if you are new to Microsoft Teams, select the tab that reads “Join on the web instead” as this will let you join the tax equalization meeting without downloading the program. You may need to enter the Conference ID number that is associated with the City of Arthur listed on the Cass County Assessor page.

Paul Fracassi, the Cass County Assessor, has said that property valuation in the City of Arthur did not change unless you are building, did a major remodel, or bought
a piece of property. Mr. Fracassi also advises any one
with questions about their property valuation should
call his office prior to the tax equalization meeting.

Their office number is 701-241-5616.

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