City Ordinances

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Read Arthur’s Ordinances here


An ordinance regujlating the storage and accumulation of junk, trash, rubbish, junk automobiles, aban4oned vehicles and building materials on private property; The maintenance of blighted structures and other blighting factors or causes of blight and
deterioration withi1 the city of Arthur, and providing penalties for the violation thereof.

Be it ordained by the City Council of th e City of Arthur, North Dakota:

SECTION 1. DEFINITIONS. Whenever used in this Ordinance, each of the following words antl phrases shall have the meaning ascribed to it:

  1.  “Garbage” shall mean all manner of kitchen and table refuse and offal, including decayed fruit, animal and vegetable matter, manure, metal cans, bottles, and other foreign waste matter.
  2.  “Noxious Weeds” shall include noxious vegetation and unhealthful vegetation.
    1. The term “noxious vegetation” shall mean and include all weeds, of the kindslknown as Canadian thistle, sow thistle, quack grass, leafy spurge (“Euphorbia esula or Euphorbia virgate”), field bindweed, Russian knapweed (“Lapidium draba, Lepidium repens and Hemenophysa Pubescens”) and dodder, or others as determined by appropriate agency.
    2. The term ”unhealthful vegetation” shall mean and include all vegetation which is in such a state of growth as to constitute a health hazard and/or which are conducive to the breeding of disease.
  3.  “Junk” shall include, without limitation, parts of machinery or motor vehicles, unused furniture, s oves, refrigerators, or other appliances, remnants of wood, metal or any other cast-off material of any kind, whether or not the same could be put to any reasonable use.
  4. “Junk atitomobiles” shall include, without limitation, any motor vehicle which

    is not licensed for 􀋻se upon the highways of the State of North Dakota for a period in

    excess of sixty (60) days, and shall also include whether licensed or not, any motor

    vehicle which is i4operative provided however, that excepted from this definition are

    unlicense d but operative vehicles which are kept as the stock in trade of a regularly

    licensed and establi􀋼hed new or used automobile dealer.